Therapy Services in Glendale Arizona

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Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

Strength Based

Trauma Informed

Individual Counseling

Embrace Your Brilliance

At BRAVE Embers wellness we offer 60-90-minute sessions conducted in person or via telehealth. Specializing in adults with Acute and Complex Trauma and Eating Disorders along with other mental health struggles such as anxiety, depression and struggles with life transitions, our focus is to help our clients reconnect with the truth of who they were before life's events disconnected them from that truth.

Group Counseling

Harmonize Your Connections

BRAVE Embers Wellness offers a variety of different groups specifically created to meet the needs of a specific population.  Groups are designed with the intent to foster an environment of connection and healing within the group space requiring that each group have a specific start and end date to create a sense of predictability for participants.  Group norms for the group are co-created within the first two weeks of the group by participants and the group leader.  Most groups run 2 hours to create the space for warming up and grounding at the end of each session.  Please read below for descriptions of the specific groups held at BRAVE Embers wellness.

Private Intensives

Reclaim Your Spark

BRAVE Embers Wellness offers a 1–3-day Trauma Focused Intensive Workshop that typically run Fridays-Sundays.  These intensives are co-created with the participants and their treatment professionals to meet therapeutic goals that are difficult to meet within the limits of weekly hour-long sessions.  These intensives are for clients who are otherwise stable with self-medicating symptoms and are looking to deepen their connection to their inner knowing and ability to navigate from their inner true north.  These intensives utilize a unique blend of trauma-informed modalities catered specifically to the clients needs.  Intensives are not covered by insurance and require 50% non-refundable deposit 30 days prior to the scheduled date to hold the dates.

Professional Trainings

Nourish Your Curiosity

BRAVE Embers Wellness offer professional trainings in how to integrate somatic, experiential and ‘parts’ work into group and individual practice. Through my own therapy practice a co-work and close friend and I coined the term “trauma parts therapy” which is a beautiful combination of Internal Family Systems, Somatic Therapies & Trauma Informed Experiential Modalities. This is a gentler way of “show me don’t tell me”, especially when a client is caught in the cognitive trap in traditional talk therapy.

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My favorite part about working with Lauren is the creativity and passion she brings to our work. She provides me with so many resources to help deepen the work we do both in and out of sessions, and she’s helped me truly connect back to my body.
Lauren has completely changed my life for the better. She continues to help me make strides towards becoming the person I would like to be and creates a safe space for me to continue to heal each and every day.
I have enjoyed therapy much more than I ever expected due to Lauren. We have been working together for a year now, and although I still see a lot of work to be done, I believe I have made tremendous progress with her. I have recommended so many close friends to her for their personal journey to healing. You won’t regret the decision to have her walk with you to finding yourself and bettering your life!