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Individual & Group Therapy In Glendale Arizona

Lauren is passionate about creating a safe environment to promote the healing of painful past experiences and trauma.  She strives to provide tangible & experiential psychoeducation, which allows clients to internalize and integrate that present day struggles are often a result of survival strategies created to protect against the emotional pain of what happened TO THEM across their lifetime rather than what is WRONG WITH THEM.
This shift in perspective often fosters a lens of curiosity and compassion with which we can reconnect with long exiled parts of the client and restore an internal harmony that leads to lasting changed on the client’s biology (heart rates, blood pressures, sleep patterns), psychology as well as internal and external relationships. She has extensive work experience facilitating experiential group therapy and workshops.

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Lauren Mehr

Offering Therapy in Person & Online

Licensed Professional Counselor

Certified Clinical Trauma Professional II

“I strongly believe that my job is to help my clients learn that they are their own best healers”

What Does It Mean To Be Brave?
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Her areas of specialty are developmental trauma and abuse. This includes both overt & covert sexual abuse & emotional abuse.  She additionally has extensive training and experience working with the complex presentations of eating disorders and is aware that trauma as a co-occurring presentation with eating disorders can complicate the treatment process and lead to relapses if not properly addressed and monitored.   She considers herself a “Trauma Nerd” and after training with various experts her modality combines neuroscience, somatic & experiential techniques.

What’s the Point of Talking About the Past Anyway?

Brave Embers Wellness is a counseling practice established to help clients heal from past traumatic experiences. We specialize in providing trauma focused therapy for those struggling with PTSD, eating disorders, and sexual abuse. Our individual and group therapy sessions are conducted both in person and online, incorporating neuroscience, somatic, and experiential techniques. We create a safe, empathetic space for our clients to authentically voice their empowerment and reclaim their lives.


My favorite part about working with Lauren is the creativity and passion she brings to our work. She provides me with so many resources to help deepen the work we do both in and out of sessions, and she’s helped me truly connect back to my body.
Lauren has completely changed my life for the better. She continues to help me make strides towards becoming the person I would like to be and creates a safe space for me to continue to heal each and every day.
I have enjoyed therapy much more than I ever expected due to Lauren. We have been working together for a year now, and although I still see a lot of work to be done, I believe I have made tremendous progress with her. I have recommended so many close friends to her for their personal journey to healing. You won’t regret the decision to have her walk with you to finding yourself and bettering your life!

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